Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Apache Oozie - Part 12: Oozie Shell Action + Passing output from one Oozie action to another

I had read about the Oozie capability to allow passing output from one action to another and forgotten about it, sure enough, it came up at an interview.  Here's some sample code...

1.0. What's covered in the blog?

1. Documentation on the Oozie shell action
2. A sample oozie workflow that includes a shell script action that echoes a count of the number of lines in a file glob, and an email action that captures the output of the shell action and email it.

Oozie 3.3.0; Pig 0.10.0

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2.0. Documentation on the Oozie Shell Action

Apache documentation is available at -

3.0. Sample program

4.0. Oozie web console screenshots


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