Sunday, September 22, 2013

Map-side join of large datasets using CompositeInputFormat

This post covers, map-side join of large datasets using CompositeInputFormat, has links to Apache documentation, my notes on the topic and my sample program demonstrating the functionality. Hive and Pig rock and rule at joining datasets, but it helps to know how to perform joins in java.

Update [10/15/2013]
I have added the pig equivalent at the very bottom of the gist.

Feel free to share any insights or constructive criticism. Cheers!!

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Sample program:


  1. Really good blog :) thanks for sharing.

    I have one question on the CompositeInputFormat. How does it work internally? It looks like it will read the all the paths and do a inner join on the key and the result will be passed on to the mapper. If this is true, other than "inner" as op is there any other operation that can be done?

  2. Hi,

    I would like to know how to deal with the case where you have unsorted data. For example the input data was as follows:

    Employee data [joinProject/data/employees_sorted/part-e]
    Salary data [joinProject/data/salaries_sorted/part-s]

    and the desired output was :

    Expected Results - tab separated
    [EmpNo FName LName Salary]
    10001 Georgi Facello 88958
    10002 Bezalel Simmel 72527
    10003 Parto Bamford 43311
    10004 Chirstian Koblick 74057
    10005 Kyoichi Maliniak 94692
    10006 Anneke Preusig 59755
    10009 Sumant Peac 94409
    10010 Duangkaew Piveteau 80324

  3. very useful. Do we need to have same number of records in both the tables?
    I tried this with both inner and outer. Inner join gives me the expected results but outer join is not. Can you try outer join and let me know. My code is here

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