Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Apache Oozie - Part 9c: Coordinator job - dataset availability triggered

1.0. What's covered in the blog?

1) Apache documentation on cooridnator jobs that execute workflows upon availability of datasets
2) A sample program that includes components of a oozie, dataset availability initiated, coordinator job - scripts/code, sample dataset and commands;  Oozie actions covered: hdfs action, email action, sqoop action (mysql database); 

Oozie 3.3.0;

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2.0. Apache documentation on dataset availability triggered coordinator jobs

3.0. Sample coordinator application

The coordinator application has a start time, and when the start time condition is met, it will transition to waiting state where it will look for the availability of a dataset.  Once the dataset is available, it will run the workflow specified.

Sample application - pictorial overview:

Coordinator application components:

Coordinator application details:

Oozie web console output:
Screenshots from the execution of the sample program..

Upon availability of the dataset...


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