Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Apache Oozie - Part 13: Oozie SSH Action

1.0. What's covered in the blog?

1. Documentation on the Oozie SSH action
2. Sample oozie workflow application that demonstrates the SSH action - SSH to a specific node, as a specified user, and executes a local shell script that loads a local file to HDFS.

It was tricky getting this action working - and the solution is not something covered in the Apache documentation.  Issues and resolution are documented below.  

Oozie 3.3.0

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2.0. Documentation on the Oozie SSH Action

Apache documentation is available at -

Note: The functionality was going to be eventually removed but later decided that it would remain.
So, disregard any mention of deprecation.

3.0. Sample workflow application

3.0.1. Highlights:
Oozie server is running on node cdh-dev01 in my environment.
With the sample workflow application, I am going to submit an Oozie job while logged in as myself (akhanolk), on this machine (Oozie server - cdh-dev01) from the CLI.
The workflow executes a shell script on cdh-dn01 as user akhanolk.  The shell script loads a local file to HDFS.  If the file load completes successfully, the workflow sends an email to me.

3.0.2. Pictorial overview:

3.0.3. SSH setup:
1. Passphrase-less SSH for akhanolk from cdh-dev01 (Oozie server) to cdh-dn01 (remote node) and vice versa
2.  Passphrase-less SSH for oozie user ID (oozie in my case) on cdh-dev01 to cdh-dn01 as akhanolk
[Running ps -ef | grep oozie on Oozie server will give you the configured Oozie user ID]

3.0.4. Workflow application components:
workflow definition (workflow.xml - in HDFS)
job properties file ( from node submitting job)
Shell script ( on remote node (cdh-dn01; At /home/akhanolk/scripts)
Data file (employees_data) on remote node (cdh-dn01; At /home/akhanolk/data)

3.0.5. Desired result:
Upon execution of the workflow, the employees_data on cdh-dn01 should get moved to a specified directory in HDFS

3.0.6. Subsequent sections cover-

  1. Data and script download
  2. Oozie job properties file        
  3. Oozie workflow  file
  4. Shell script -
  5. Data load commands                
  6. Oozie SMTP configuration
  7. SSH setup          
  8. Oozie commands                    
  9. Output in HDFS
  10. Output email                      
  11. Oozie web console - screenshots
  12. Issues encountered and resolution

3.0.7. Data and script download:

3.0.8. Oozie file:

3.0.9. Oozie workflow.xml:

3.0.10. Shell script (

3.0.11. HDFS load commands:

3.0.12. Oozie SMTP configuration:

3.0.13. Oozie SSH setup:

3.0.14. Oozie commands:

3.0.15. Output in HDFS:

3.0.16. Output email:

3.0.17. Issues encountered:

3.0.18. Oozie web console - screenshots:

Any additional insights are greatly appreciated.


  1. I've upgraded my cluster from CDH 4.7 to 5.0 which have Oozie 4.0.0 and now it seems that the capture-output doesn't work for the SSH action. That thing is driving me crazy, there is no way to read the output of a SSH Action. Anyone have a solution?

    I've opened a topic on stackoverflow about it:

  2. Tried several things already but always ending up with the same error. The workflow errors out with:

    2016-06-08 16:24:23,890 WARN ActionStartXCommand:523 - SERVER[] USER[hdfs] GROUP[-] TOKEN[] APP[ssh-wf-test2] JOB[0000974-160503085957938-oozie-oozi-W] ACTION[0000974-160503085957938-oozie-oozi-W@ssh] Error starting action [ssh]. ErrorType [TRANSIENT], ErrorCode [FNF], Message [FNF: Required Local file /var/tmp/oozie/oozie-oozi1017005846702963868.dir/ssh/ not present.]
    org.apache.oozie.action.ActionExecutorException: FNF: Required Local file /var/tmp/oozie/oozie-oozi1017005846702963868.dir/ssh/ not present.
    at org.apache.oozie.action.ssh.SshActionExecutor.execute(
    at org.apache.oozie.action.ssh.SshActionExecutor.start(
    at org.apache.oozie.service.CallableQueueService$
    at org.apache.oozie.service.CallableQueueService$
    at org.apache.oozie.service.CallableQueueService$
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
    Caused by: Required Local file /var/tmp/oozie/oozie-oozi1017005846702963868.dir/ssh/ not present.
    at org.apache.oozie.action.ssh.SshActionExecutor.setupRemote(
    at org.apache.oozie.action.ssh.SshActionExecutor$
    at org.apache.oozie.action.ssh.SshActionExecutor$
    at org.apache.oozie.action.ssh.SshActionExecutor.execute(
    ... 10 more

    Have you encountered this or have a clue on how to workaround it? Using oozie 4.2.0

  3. Hi indy .. are you able to resolve that error. we are also getting the same error. Could you please let us know the info if it is resolved. Here is the error "FNF: Required Local file /var/tmp/oozie/oozie-oozi7179698092277115649.dir/ssh/ not present."

  4. Hi Amara,Indy

    i am also facing same could be better if you get any solution for that

  5. Hi Amara,Indy

    i am also facing same could be better if you get any solution for that

  6. Issue: FNF: Required Local file /var/tmp/oozie/oozie-oozi7179698092277115649.dir/ssh/ not present.

    This issue is solved by restarting oozie server. Some one might have removed that folder and files from master server. Once you restarted oozie server, oozie will create this folder directory structure and will copy and files. Then it started processing jobs. This folder structure will be created only in oozie server machine.

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