Friday, June 14, 2013

Apache Sqoop - Part 5: Scheduling Sqoop jobs in Oozie

What's covered in the blog?

1. Documentation on the Oozie sqoop action
2. A sample workflow (against syslog generated logs) that includes oozie sqoop action (export from hive to mysql).  Instructions on loading sample data and running the workflow are provided, along with some notes based on my learnings.

For scheduling an Oozie worklflow containing a Sqoop action to be event driven - time or data availability driven, read my blog on Oozie coordinator jobs.

Versions covered:
Oozie 3.3.0; Sqoop (1.4.2) with Mysql (5.1.69 ) 

My blogs on Sqoop:

Blog 1: Import from mysql into HDFS
Blog 2: Import from mysql into Hive
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Blog 4: Sqoop best practices
Blog 5: Scheduling of Sqoop tasks using Oozie
Blog 6: Sqoop2

My blogs on Oozie:

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Your thoughts/updates:
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About the oozie sqoop action

Apache Oozie documentation on Sqoop action:

Salient features of the sqoop action:
Excerpt from Apache documentation..
- The sqoop action runs a Sqoop job synchronously.- The information to be included in the oozie sqoop action  are the job-tracker, the name-node and Sqoop command or arg elements as well as configuration.- A prepare node can be included to do any prep work including hdfs actions.  This will be executed prior to execution of the sqoop job.- Sqoop configuration can be specified with a file, using the job-xml element, and inline, using the configuration elements.- Oozie EL expressions can be used in the inline configuration. Property values specified in the configuration element override values specified in the job-xml file.
Note that Hadoop mapred.job.tracker and properties must not be present in the inline configuration.
As with Hadoop map-reduce jobs, it is possible to add files and archives in order to make them available to the Sqoop job. 

Sqoop command:
The Sqoop command can be specified either using the command element or multiple arg elements.
- When using the command element, Oozie will split the command on every space into multiple arguments.- When using the arg elements, Oozie will pass each argument value as an argument to Sqoop.  The arg variant should be used when there are spaces within a single argument.  - All the above elements can be parameterized (templatized) using EL expressions.

Components of a workflow with sqoop action:

Sample application

For this exercise, I have loaded some syslog generated logs to hdfs and created a hive table.
I have also created a table in mysql that will be the destination of a report (hive query) we will run 

Pictorial representation of the workflow:

Sample program:

Oozie web console:



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